About me!


My name is Alyssa. I live in Denver, CO. I have a senior Boston Terrier named Lucy. I have just entered my early 50s, divorced, and have no kids. It has taken a while, but I’ve grown to be very happy about my life. I will talk about my life and relationships and misadventures and hopefully we will learn from each other’s mistakes. And  I will learn more about all of you!

If you’re seeking lightness and cotton candy fluff or even creme brûlée, you can find it here. If you are looking for more nourishment, a literary filet mignon, come visit. If you are wanting to share your experience and  comment on the current state of dating and garden variety of relationships, have a click and see whats going on. I hope you find hope, humor and perspective here…and please add your comments. Every day life also happens and let’s talk about that also!

I have started this blog as a place to grow community amongst those seeking some type of hope and inspiration for the future of their relationships. I wanted a create a space where people could share and read about the misadventures of relationships and dating, as well as sharing the absolute joy that comes from the perfect union of two people or a new family, NO matter who these people are. Family by choice or chance, friends for a minute or two decades, a mentor helping younger person, a dog and his person. Whoever and whatever the relationship involves!

Let’s learn and grow and stay hopeful!

Stay tuned and leave me a comment and I’ll respond shortly!

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