Routine: a good or bad thing?

I hear the word routine. It means different things to me and I am curious what it means to you. I get that routine is critical for certain people. It used to  be fairly critical to me as well. Now, not so much.  So I thought of a few things where the idea of routine scares me or brings me comfort! Tell me your thoughts and leave me a comment if there’s anything you hate or love about what you call routine or what you would like to change.

So, when I think of the term “routine” with respect to these things I think “Ick” or ‘Yay”:

Exercise: yay


Work: ick

Friends and close family:yay

I just started the list, so please add!

Have a great week!!


Author: Alyssa

I blog on about relationships, friendships, and the art of genuine integrity and character! Come visit me!

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