Spring training

So I took the first step and got off my ass to save my ass. I knew that these small walks around the lake weren’t going to shed sufficient pounds like they used to. I know that simply losing weight and shedding fat and calories are not going to cut it this time. I need an amplified plan. I must take more of an effort to not only make it last, but do it right. So, I had to do it last Wednesday after work.

I marched myself in to the 24 Hour Fitness and walking in, saw all kinds of membership sales and personal trainer packages on sale… I walked in and asked for help. Just for information, mind you. Just to fit it into my budget. They said “sure….”.  I met with a sales guy, who walked me through the membership gig and why a 12 month plan would be the most economical. Then I met my trainer. Former military, educated, and ready to work me to get me to my goals. Sign her up!

I walked out with a 12 months membership and a purchase of 15 training sessions. Yep, I am committed…. to good physical health! I marched to my car, the proud owner of a gym membership and a whopping dose of accountability, starting with my first training session the next morning at 0630. Here I go!

Fast forward to today: I’ve had two sessions now with my trainer and I am already loving it. I am getting a work out and I am definitely feeling sore, in a good way. I am pushing myself (or he is, rather). He is no babysitter while I do a work out.  He pays attention. He corrects my form. We start over and push my comfort level each time. Then we finished off the second session with my weight and entered my fat index. Uh-oh! I have some major kicking ass to do

I better get busy.

Do you wish to share how you started your success using a gym to increase your commitment to healthy living. Please leave  comments if you would be so inclined.

Thank you readers and enjoy what’s left of your weekend!

Author: Alyssa

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