Seeing the world….on my treadmill

So I have had this amazing treadmill for a month now. I have been enjoying it immensely.  I have been ‘visiting’ many places all over the world….foreign lands I have never been to in my life. Today, it was Taiwan. The other day,  it was Costa Rica and Hawaii (the places in Hawaii I haven’t been to yet). Before that,  Sydney, Australia and Germany… get the idea. It’s been fabulous. The scenic ‘runs’ come with music that is easy to move to; the music totally motivates me to push myself.  So enough about the treadmill. It’s what I do on it that really matters!

So, in the past month I have worked on my speed and incline. I never used the incline feature in the gym unless my trainer made me…never on my own. I bought this expensive treadmill, so I figure I better use it all, every feature! So I have been pushing myself every time I am on the tread. I try to use it 3-5 days a week. I go for the highest speed at highest incline I can (currently 4.0mph and 6.0%) for as long as I can. Then I settle  down to 3.5 mph at 6% for the majority of my walk. Then when I have about 2 minutes left of my work out, I slow down and relax at 2.0 mph and 2.5%.  It’s invigorating and it feels good. The trick is that I want to push myself with out hurting myself. When I feel a burn in my shins due to speed, I will slow it down and increase the incline.

This has been a great purchase. I have been able to use my treadmill during some of our really snowy weather.  While I usually workout for 30 minutes, I will do 15-20 minute walks just to get on the treadmill rather than not at all just because I don’t have the full 30 minutes.  I just do it. It feels amazing. Tomorrow, I am pushing for 45 minutes! Who knows where I will travel to!


Author: Alyssa

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