Thank you readers!!

Thank you!

I started this blog as a fresh start in my intention to really write. I wanted to write and learn how to write. I still want to do that and it has exploded into so much more.I have started to learn about others and their style of blogging. I have been encouraged by your “likes” and “following” of my blog /posts.

My dream is to write a memoir. I am starting here. Thank you for sharing the journey with me and please keep reading.I welcome any comments that may help or give insight into the art of blogging and/or writing. I started in September and  I have a huge open road in front of me and extremely excited to explore it!

Thank you so much for your support thus far; it is appreciated more than you could know!


See you soon!

Author: Alyssa

I blog on about relationships, friendships, and the art of genuine integrity and character! Come visit me!

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