Throwback Thursday 3: the “tape”

So I am taking you way back…..way back and I don’t even want to date myself, but I may have to. We are talking 1987. We are talking first boyfriend. If you could call him that. There are so many things I could say about this guy. I wouldn’t say they were great. I’d probably say that he was persistent, pressuring, chauvinistic, and a bit obnoxious. The kind of guy that would order meat for his vegetarian girlfriend in Portuguese at the D.C. Brazilian restaurant, simply because he was, yes, Brazilian. The kind that would break up with this girlfriend when she didn’t want to give in and sleep with him. She was a virgin for God’s sake. And no, I have no clue when I started writing in the third person. That’s annoying and I will stop now.

So as you can imagine at that tender time in my senior year of high school, I was more enamored at the idea a guy was spending time with me and paying attention to me at all. I was slightly (understatement of the year) unpopular. It was senior year and I was NOT going to take him to  prom just because I found a boyfriend. I had nothing to prove to those people. While the Brazilian and I were ever so briefly dating, he made me a  cassette tape. Not just any tape. An amazing tape of music of the times. And yes, we’re talking 11987. . The number one song I will always remember on that tape is by Erasure (Oh l’amour).  I have to go through my numerous boxes in storage and see if I still have it. I can’t remember or imagine getting rid of it. Who knew? Who knew that in 2017 I would still be in love with 80s music. If you know how to make cassette tapes into CD’s let me know! Please. I beg of you. It’s that awesome!

Needless to say about a week after he gave that cassette to me, he broke up with me because I wasn’t ready to sleep with him. That’s what he said anyway. But at least I got my tape. And I may still have it!


Music pairing: Erasure’s Oh l’amour, obviously!!

Author: Alyssa

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