(Not so stellar) blogger behavior

I have been a very bad blogger! Disappearing off the face ;of the earth for a monnth is not stellar blogger behavior. I apologize! Lots of things happening here in Denver. I moved, for one thing. I was in Denver, technically, but now I am more in the city. I love it.  I went on vacation and just got back in the middle of last week.  I have seen and done things that have inspired me over and over to head back to my blog. Then I get distracted. Why! Argh!  

Working out has been challenging.  I have kept up (kinda)  with it this last month, but I have not worked out in between my  personal trainer sessions. I’ve had  weight loss. Then comes the weight gain. I possessed motivation  at times; at other times, there’s been a complete lack of ambition to get where I want to be fitness and diet wise. After getting back from my vacation, I am realizing that I am going to really need to get my ambition in high gear if I am going to ever fit into those skinny jeans (folded in my closet from back when I lost 30 pounds). I realize diet and cardio is going to have to dominate my lifestyle for now.   My most recent check in (yesterday) showed a 2.5 pound loss. I will take what I can get and keep my goals  and motivation in constant motion. 

I have given a lot of thought about why I haven’t blogged in over a month, despite sometimes deep and inspirational and sometimes hysterical inspirations.  I am staying focused now. I am going to stay close to my blog and all of you. I wanted to get in touch with all of you again, despite a slightly disorganized post. 

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me and thanks for checking in! I will definitely be blogging more regularly now and I am grateful for your patience!!
What I have been listening to all month (on constant repeat) in my blog’s absence:

Back in Black by Amy Winehouse

Belt by In The Valley Below

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