I am baaaack….in a relationship!!

So its been a while. A long while; I think its been at least. I got back from Belize on December 18. I have not seen that guy since I returned to Denver. The next week, my life really got a new start.

I was on Plenty of Fish again. With not much luck. As usual…The guys were all the same. Except one. For some reason, I responded to his message. I didn’t respond to most. He seemed nice and not totally inappropriate. It’s kind of a  blur now, but I’ll tell you the story as best as I remember! We went from POF messages to texting on the phone pretty quickly. I had Christmas off which I never usually did in the past.  I told him I know Christmas may be a weird day to meet, but I am off. He said he may have plans with family that afternoon, but we could do a morning date and see what happens. I was a little bummed because I thought he just wanted an exit plan. But who doesn’t on the first date…I probably wanted one myself. He was pretty cool and never made any inappropriate requests of me. So far so good.  So Christmas day at the IHOP! It’s not the place, its the company you’re with, right?!

So Christmas day…its 8:3am and I am in my car. He’s punctual. Score one for the guy! He’s really cute and tall, just like his pictures. Score another point! Things are looking in the right direction. Finally, some hope. I think he gave me a hug, but looking back  on Christmas Day, I am not sure I remember everything. We sat down and we just stared at each other.  And talked Yes, no shortage of conversation. Going so so well Then, he reached out for my hand. I knew then we were not parting ways anytime soon. We basically decided right then and there that our first date was going to last all day. I could have told you right there that it was the end of first dates for me.  I don’t know how I knew that. I have NEVER had that feeling before. I’ve always had hope, sure. But never THAT feeling.

We left IHOP and decided we would spend the first days of many together. That day. Christmas day. What a great day for an anniversary date! I am Jewish, but still a fantastic day to remember that first date. We kind of knew…no….we definitely knew it was just us then. At least that’s how I remember it. We saw our first movie together and many more firsts followed that day. Yeah, you can use your imagination. Ha!

Our first date ended at 5:30pm that day. He never kept his plans with family that day. There was no need for an exit plan for either one of us. We were together. We knew it.. Now to explain that to our friends and family. Well, that would come soon enough.

So, the next week was filled with daily talks or texts and I think we saw each other a few times. I went out with my friend in Denver and we danced and had fun all night. I sent him a text of a selfie from the club and I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  Then New years came soon enough and we spent the night together with good friends and had a blast. I had the next day off and we spent the whole day together. We went out for Old Chicago and he dropped me off at my home.  Now this is when it gets a little crazy…..

We spent a lot of time together in the following weeks. Then toward the end of January, he spent the week with me. He was living with his brother (who was out of town) and we didn’t see the point in having him go home every day to no one. I told him I could watch his dog (who got a long great with mine)  when he left for work as I work from home.  He said “why not?”.  Yeah, this is the crazy part. He never left.

Yeah, I told you. Crazy!! But I wouldn’t want it any other way. And I don’t think he wants it any other way either. In that first month, we knew it was love. That doesn’t mean  you move in together. We both totally get that. We knew it was just us in love. We both had  long left POF in the first two weeks. He even gave me his  password to it to help him delete the account and discontinue his membership.  In that first two weeks we even posted that we were in a relationship on FaceBook  It’s for real. I have not posted my  relationship status since I was married.

What does the future hold? I don’t know, but our future right now is solid and we communicate really well; we have total physical chemistry. We have trust and security. It works for us living together and we have so much in common, considering we have completely different backgrounds. I don’t always get why this happened for us, but I am not second guessing it or trying to over think it I am just accepting that after the last few years, I definitely deserve this amazing man.

ITs almost been three months and things are awesome. I think the only thing that we need to work  on is our diet/nutrition and exercise regimen. I have gained a lot of weight during this ‘honeymoon’ period, just eating whatever. I haven’t been working out as much But that’s going to change.

There you have it: my newest huge update. I will be keeping everyone posted with how thing is going Something is bound to happen. I did have a little blip in my security/insecurity radar this week. I will fill you in next time Its resolved already but I will share with you that hurdle in my next post.


Until then!! Have a great week!!

Author: Alyssa

I blog on brilliantdistraction.com about relationships, friendships, and the art of genuine integrity and character! Come visit me!

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