The dating game…… sucks.

The dating game sucks. It really does. I hate to be negative; in fact I am far from negative typically. I am so positive and optimistic…. or I was. For a long time, I actually believed the next one could be the one. I used to love having a clean slate on a first date, a new start at something great. Ok… I rhymed a little too much there! Sorry! But seriously, I haven’t met anyone of taste, character, or integrity and very infrequently, someone who is physically attractive to me. Then there are the scammers online (dating apps). There are quite a few profiles for the scammers out there, but many say they are overseas, US Military (but they are not actually in the armed forces) or doing some shady business; if they are not claiming they are military, they are widowed. Some claim they will never ask you for a penny, but in 48 hours, they are asking for iTunes cards, bit coin conversion deposits, etc…. It is a joke.

So the first thing I usually do when I get a match is ask if they currently live in Denver. They either don’t respond or admit they are on a ‘peacekeeping mission in _____” and will be back in two or three months time. No thanks.

I have to get more positive. Id much rather meet someone in person or through mutual friends, but that is challenging when your friends don’t have any suggestions!!

Stay tuned!!

Author: Alyssa

I blog on about relationships, friendships, and the art of genuine integrity and character! Come visit me!

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